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Whether you are a healthy volunteer or someone with an existing medical condition interested in participating in health research studies, we are eager to find the right study match for YOU. Everyone is welcome to search for studies that may meet a particular interest or medical need.  Health research discoveries are only possible when many diverse volunteers make a commitment to participate.

If you are a researcher or study team coordinator, UMClinicalStudies can provide you with the tools to identify, recruit, and retain interested study participants. 

Our goal is to facilitate communication between health researchers and volunteers so they can find one another and establish a partnership built on trust and mutual respect. We hope to encourage and promote collaborations in which all are valued members of the health research team.

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2005 – Jon-Kar Zubieta, MD, PhD (Department of Psychiatry) demonstrates  the “placebo effect” in action for the first time, using brain scans to indicate how individuals respond first to pain and then to the impression that they are receiving a painkiller. He and his team go on to show how differences in brain chemistry and personality affect an individual’s response to a placebo.
What is clinical health research?
1980 – UM is one of the first medical centers to introduce the insulin pump as an alternate delivery system for insulin.  Stefan Fajans, MD (Department of Internal Medicine) identified Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) as the only type of diabetes for which the inheritance is known and the responsible genes have been discovered.

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